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Archives for June 2008

Memorizing the Lord's Prayer

Our family has been memorizing the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) this summer. Our method is simple. We recite it together each morning at breakfast. Daddy or I say it all the way through once, then we ask all of the children to join us as we say it two or three more times.

Telling Our Children Why

When God tells us to remember the Sabbath day, He gives us the command to “remember” and “observe.”  These words give us the reasons behind His command.  They also give me two great ideas for parenting.

First, while not all my commands to my children will contain the reason, it’s helpful to be sure that I don’t exclude the reason completely. 

Useful Commentaries Online

As we read through the Bible each day with our children, my husband and I find that the reading brings up a host of questions for us.  We have enjoyed reading various commentaries to get some unique perspectives on a passage of Scripture.