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Archives for February 2009

Review of Abeka Arithmetic

Our family has been using Abeka Arithmetic since my oldest son was in 1st grade. I started with Singapore math, on the recommendation of Sonlight curriculum, but on the advice of several teachers, we decided to switch to Abeka. This is truly one decision I have never regretted!

An overview of language arts

The following was written in response to an email I received from a mom who is discouraged. She asks what her focus in teaching language arts should be.

Your focus is stated so well, that “they need to be able to express themselves.” Let’s talk about penmanship first, since the purpose of penmanship is that they can write quickly enough that their mind is off letter formation and on the content of what they’re writing (whether it’s taking notes in a class in college or during a sermon at church, or whether they are quickly expressing themselves in an essay).

Listening to Learn

Amy Blevin has written a practical e-book called Listening to Learn. Because of some breathing difficulties she has, she began using audio books to help her teach her children. Her dilemma resulted in fabulous results for her kids — and for those of us who get to benefit from her knowledge!