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Archives for September 2009

Field Trips

Honestly, my planning list said that I should write a blog post about field trips this week! But I was starting to think I’d better write about something else, when a gentleman at our church approached my husband about wanting to take our children on a field trip to a local apple orchard.

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

Our nearby "forest"

This week our children went on a nature walk to a nearby “forest” that our school district sponsors. It’s a beautiful sanctuary, not far at all from our house.

Because I hadn’t been feeling so well, I decided to send them on a scavenger hunt, with a list of what to take and what to find.

Managing Your Home When You’re Tired

I was intending to give you a full-length article today, but I’m sick and have had an exhausting week. So I think I’ll “practice what I preach” and give you the short version instead of the long version. It will probably be easier for you to absorb anyway!