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Not feeling well this week…

… so it’s one of those weeks I’m thankful for two things:

(1)  Workbooks.  They’re not always the enemy!  This week, my children’s A Beka workbooks are ensuring that they continue to get lots of review on phonics sounds and math concepts, even when I don’t feel like doing much else. 

How can a homeschooled child do homework???

My oldest son is 10, and he’s in fourth grade. He’s always been homeschooled, so you’d think his mother would have it all down pat by now. If only! The last few years have seen us trying this curriculum or that, making our own, reading more books than you can imagine, and spending too much money, all in the hopes of finding the perfect method that truly justifies our homeschooling venture.

A Daily Routine for Real Moms

One of the hardest parts of “school at home” for me is knowing when to start school in the morning. You see, I’m not just a school teacher who shows up at school at 7:30 a.m. with an ample amount of time to prepare my brain, my room, and my supplies.

I've been decorating our school room…

Our schoolroom is in the basement, and the ceiling is very short here. It’s only about one inch taller than I am, so I guess there will be no tip-toe teaching for me! 🙂 I’ve been working on making our room look cozier, and it looks so much better already.