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Decluttering plans

Oh, I can tell it’s February, because my house is getting cluttered.  Gray skies combined with cold weather make me slow down and want to spend my life in front of my computer screen, rather than working on my house or being generally sociable with anyone… including my  kids!  So today’s list “To Do” includes the following:

  • Clean up my desk and make “homes” for all those annoying piles that have started to spring up.  I need to revamp my mail and bills piles especially.
  • Make a spot for my DD (age 2) at my desk, so that she can color or cut (yes, that’s scary!) without cutting up important papers of mine.  Maybe I should hide the scissors for a year or ten?!?!
  • Put away old school papers.  They’re stacking up on top of the sewing machine that I hardly ever use.  Hmmm…
  • Help my DD (age 8) catch up on her coloring book.  She’s been coloring a book about birds.  It’s a really neat book, but she’s feeling burned out.  Maybe we should put it away for awhile.  There aren’t too many birds out our window right now anyway — just cardinals, blue jays, finches, and woodpeckers.  Okay, that’s quite a few.  But she’s tired of coloring!  How much can she learn when she sees it as a punishment?
  • I need to do laundry today or there will be no underwear tomorrow… Uh, oh!
  • I need to make a list for my bulletin board of all the ongoing projects I’m involved in.  Probably too many….  But at least I could see them, and then I wouldn’t always feel like something is hanging over my head.  Which is probably what I’m feeling right now… and which probably explains why I’m hanging around on all the blogs rather than working.  Can’t be a good thing!

Well, it’s off to work I go!  Breakfast is ready and some hungry little critters (I mean children) are calling….

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