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Share your best homeschool planning tips

Hey, if you have any tips you could share with other readers on How to Plan for a New Homeschooling Year, please… share below in the comments!

The best tips are going to be featured in our upcoming book on how to plan and organize for a new school year… and if your tip is chosen, that means you’ll also get a free copy of the book! Wow!

Thanks for your ideas! I’m looking forward to reading them!

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  1. One aspect of planning for a new year is honestly assessing the weaknesses of the previous year. Prayer is important here: ask God to reveal areas in each child and in yourself that need more focus. If there are many areas, ask God to reveal the ones that need priority! Then creatively look for ways to help refocus on the weaker areas. Often, this requires “thinking outside the box” and changing the way you have always done things. This is hard work but worth it!

  2. In planning for a new school year, some of us get obsessed with finding the perfect curriculum. We are really good researchers! Do you find your hearbeat accelerating when you find something “perfect”? Advice? Do not order for a couple of days. Put it on the backburner and let it simmer. Sit at the feet of Jesus and have a conversation with Him about what is really important and how to go about that for your children.

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