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Archives for April 2010

Teaching History Is Not a Mystery

A few days ago, I had the privilege of presenting a workshop for Cindy Rushton’s Ultimate Homeschool Expo. My goal was to share ideas for using the Bible to choose homeschooling methods and curriculum. A friend online said,

Yes! Please talk about history!

The Bible's Hints for Homeschooling

The Bible contains many important instructions for parents who want to impart knowledge to their children. That’s homeschooling, right? In fact, the Bible tells us where all knowledge begins…

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge,
but fools despise wisdom and discipline
.” (Proverbs 1:7, NIV).

Book Review – "Don't Make Me Count to Three!"

I don’t know where I heard about this book. It might have been from one of you, or maybe someone at my church told me about it, or maybe I read about it on someone’s blog. I wish I could remember, because I’d like to thank that person!

These Are the Days of Elijah… (a post for mothers)

In the excellent parenting book, “Don’t Make Me Count to Three!”, author Ginger Plowman compares my job as a parent with John the Baptist. (She calls us “Joan the Baptist,” LOL!) Why does she do that?

Jesus says, in Matthew 11:14, that John was “the Elijah who was to come.” Who was Elijah the prophet?

Comparing Phonics Methods

Anne, you state that you use Abeka to teach reading, yet you also say that All About Spelling is your favorite spelling/phonics program.  Do you use both at the same time, or use Abeka for two years (K & 1st) than switch to AAS in 2nd grade, or maybe some other combination altogether?