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When a Homeschooling Mom Needs a Substitute Teacher

Previously I’ve written about how to prepare for those days when you are exhausted. You’re the mom, the wife, and the teacher — but some days, you’re just too tired to do it all.

However, if you’re blessed to have a mother, a sister, a husband, or a close friend who can visit your home for a day and act as a “substitute teacher,” then you are very blessed indeed!

8 Things to Do Before Starting Homeschool

How many more weeks until school starts at your house? We’re planning to start back up again the first week of August — and it just recently dawned on me how soon that will be!

So I thought I’d make a list of the things I need to get done in the four weeks of summer I have left.

My Homeschool Planning Notebook

We’ve been talking about how to organize our school rooms, so today I thought I’d show you the real key to my homeschooling sanity organization — my planning notebook.

Way back when, when I first started homeschooling our oldest son, I tried using planning software, such as Edu-Track and Homeschool Tracker.

How to Survive Clutter in a One-Room Homeschool

In an ideal world, we would all have rooms in our homes that we could devote solely to homeschooling. We’d have plenty of space, plenty of bookshelves, and plenty of roomy cabinets. We’d have space on the walls for maps and charts, and we’d have a comfy corner for reading, cuddling, and projects.

Organizing Toys

I got a catalog in the mail this week from the Container Store. I love anything that helps me get better organized, but the picture above really jumped out at me. We’ve been organizing and decluttering anyway, in preparation for Passover.

Keeping Life Uncluttered

We’ve been talking about how to declutter our homes; now let’s tackle keeping them that way!

Here are some things I’ve noticed about clutter:

Homemaking can reveal my heart.

In my own life, clutter has taught me that my heart is not quite as pure as I’d like to pretend it is.

What a great way to turn your tabletop into a chalkboard!

My friends over at the Unclutterer had a great idea on their blog today. The basic idea is to use inexpensive matte-finish oil cloth, plus chalk, to decorate your table for Thanksgiving. You can write right on your tablecloth, to put names where guests are to sit, to label dishes, or to keep the kids from getting bored by letting them play tic-tac-toe, etc.

Managing Your Home When You’re Tired

I was intending to give you a full-length article today, but I’m sick and have had an exhausting week. So I think I’ll “practice what I preach” and give you the short version instead of the long version. It will probably be easier for you to absorb anyway!

Practical Planning for a New School Year

I know summer is only half over, but my brain is certainly gearing up for the new school year. I really love to plan and make lists, so I think this is fun. However, summer days go by quickly, and planning a school year is a big job — so it takes me several weeks to get it all done.

How to Calm Clutter

Clutter is certainly a beast that must be tamed for us moms to ever have enough energy to homeschool. You already know that, so I won’t spend a lot of time repeating why we need to get rid of clutter. Let’s get right to the how!