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Making Children in Our Own Image

What makes a home school different from a public school?

Well, if you’re a follower of God, then your curriculum is radically different. It starts with radically different goals.

For instance, our goal is to “be conformed to the image of His Son” (Romans 8:29).

8 Things to Do Before Starting Homeschool

How many more weeks until school starts at your house? We’re planning to start back up again the first week of August — and it just recently dawned on me how soon that will be!

So I thought I’d make a list of the things I need to get done in the four weeks of summer I have left.

10 Ways to Grow as a Homeschooling Teacher

Sometimes we mothers spend all our time figuring out which curriculum we should purchase for our children, or how to make lesson plans for the coming year, and we completely forget that we as teachers also need to grow and learn.

Why We Do It

Biblical Homeschooling Goals

Today I want to quickly list a few “homeschooling” goals that are straight from Scripture. I’m hoping to gain some principles I can use to choose a homeschooling philosophy, method and curriculum out of the trillions of options that are available to me.

Homeschooling Goals

If you’ve been thinking about homeschooling for any length of time, you’ve seen books and articles that recommend that you make goals for your children’s education. I remember when my oldest son was just a few years old. My husband and I heard this same advice, and we honestly had no idea what goals were worthy.

Winter Homeschooling Blues

It’s February, and here in snowy Minnesota, our local public school planned two days of vacation into their calendar — today and Monday. I think it’s a good idea, since school starts feeling a little “old” this time of year. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that it was a day off school, so I didn’t plan a break into our calendar.