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School Rooms

I think I might possibly have the ugliest school room ever, but I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane, to see what our “school rooms” have looked like over the years.

My oldest officially started kindergarten at home in the fall of 2001, but I can’t find a single picture of the little table where he did his school work.…

Our Homeschooling Plans (2012-2013)

We’re starting a new school year this coming Monday, so it’s time for my annual post on what curriculum and methods we’ll be using in the Elliott home this year.

I’ve really struggled with this post. First of all, I’m fighting a cold, so I’m struggling with the motivation to start a new school year.…

What Homeschooling with the Bible Might Look Like

You know what would be awesome? Awesome would be a camera crew going into a variety of homes on an average Tuesday morning and filming what their homeschool actually looks like.We could see how their kitchens were set up, how they handled the toddlers at breakfast, how they got the knots out of all the girls’ hair, and how they all found their pencils at school time.…

Our Homeschooling Plans (2011-2012)

It’s back-to-school time again! This year, we’ll be homeschooling the following grades and ages:

  • 10th Grade Son (age 15-16)
  • 7th Grade Daughter (age 12-13)
  • 6th Grade Son (age 11)
  • 4th Grade Daughter (age 9)
  • 1st Grade Daughter (age 6-7)
  • Preschool Daughter (age 4)
  • Little Guy (age 1-2)

Here is a peek at our plans for the coming school year.…

Organizing Toys

I got a catalog in the mail this week from the Container Store. I love anything that helps me get better organized, but the picture above really jumped out at me. We’ve been organizing and decluttering anyway, in preparation for Passover.…

Our "New & Revised" Homeschooling Plans (2010-2011)

Okay, last week I waxed eloquently about my wonderful homeschooling plans for the year.

Now it’s time for true confessions. It worked great… for a day or two… then we were feeling miserable. The kids complained about the books, and I complained about how much work it all was.…

Homeschooling at Anne’s House 2010-2011

I guess it’s getting to be a tradition. How is Anne going to homeschool her children this year? Well, it’s been a busy summer and I’m feeling a tad disorganized, but here are my plans for the coming year.

We’re in the middle of developing curriculum for several subjects because we haven’t found things that are a “perfect fit.”…

Our Homeschooling Plans for 2009-2010

Well, we Elliotts start our new school year this next week, and while the kids are a little sad to see the freedom of summer end, I’m pretty excited about this year. (I always did like school… so I guess nothing’s changed.)…

Got New Books!

The big event for me yesterday was receiving a box with all our new homeschooling books (for next fall) in it. We order from many different companies (including ABeka and lots of used books on Amazon and Ebay), but our biggest order this year was from Rainbow Resource.

Well, so much for using ABeka…

God provided everything we need for school this year, but I don’t have everything ABeka like last year.  My son (going into 5th grade) will be using ABeka math, science and history.  I purchased the math workbook and speed drills, plus a teacher’s key because his work is getting harder so this will save me time. …