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Got New Books!

The big event for me yesterday was receiving a box with all our new homeschooling books (for next fall) in it. We order from many different companies (including ABeka and lots of used books on Amazon and Ebay), but our biggest order this year was from Rainbow Resource.

Well, our roads are so muddy, the UPS driver called to tell me she couldn’t deliver the box. Kraig said he could pick it up in town, so he did. However, the road was too bad for him to drive home either, so he parked our van up at the farm on the corner and walked home. The box was just too big and heavy for him to bring with him, so I had to wait.

Later in the evening, some friends from church came over (they have 4-wheel drive). He worked on my computer to help me get some spyware off my computer. They were kind enough to stop at our van and get the box out for us. Yippee! It was like Christmas!

It would take too long to tell you about every book in the box, so I’ll try to tell you about a few at a time. After all, we won’t use these until NEXT school year! But oh, how fun!

Why don’t I start with a book that isn’t technically a school book? We’ll be studying Ancient Civilizations next year (with all the kids at their various levels), so a “fun” book I got was The True Story of Noah’s Ark, by Tom Dooley. It’s an amazing picture book with fold-out charts and a beautiful audio CD to accompany it. (Yes, I know it’s beautiful because I already listened to it!)

As Ruth Beechick writes in Genesis: Finding Our Roots (yup, got that one, too), “The first chapters of Genesis are no doubt the oldest writings in the world… and their importance cannot be exceeded. The basis for mankind’s thinking is set in these writings… A great literature professor, Northrup Frye, said, ‘… the Bible forms the lowest stratum in the teaching of literature. It should be taught so early and so thoroughly that it sinks straight to the bottom of the mind, where everything that comes along later can settle on it.’ The Bible is the foundation for literature — and history. And the foundation of the Bible is its early chapters. Your child’s education can stand on no firmer foundation than this” (p. 5).

As for the rest of our day, I never got my bread made, so I’ve really got to do that today! Come on over and have a slice!


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