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Archives for February 2012

Do-It-Yourself Curriculum Planning

I want to encourage you to plan out some of your own curriculum for the coming year. There are several reasons why you make the best “curriculum planner” for your own children:

  1. God has given parents the responsibility to train and teach their own children.

What Homeschooling with the Bible Might Look Like

You know what would be awesome? Awesome would be a camera crew going into a variety of homes on an average Tuesday morning and filming what their homeschool actually looks like.We could see how their kitchens were set up, how they handled the toddlers at breakfast, how they got the knots out of all the girls’ hair, and how they all found their pencils at school time.

Are You Shopping for Curriculum?

The first of February marks a new season of curriculum “shopping” among homeschoolers. For me personally, I start shopping in February because we get our tax refund soon, so I want to know how much money I should set aside for the coming school year.