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Archives for July 2012

Should We Teach Mythology?

As we’re preparing to launch our new world history curriculum (Daniel’s Statue: Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome), I’ve been really pondering what we homeschoolers should do about teaching pagan mythology to our children.

Should we teach about Greek gods and goddesses?

How to Teach Chemistry and Physics

Why Teaching Chemistry and Physics Is So Hard
  1. It’s been 20 years since you had high school math or science.
  2. You weren’t paying attention 20 years ago.
  3. You didn’t even understand it if you had paid attention.
  4. You didn’t think you’d ever need to know this stuff.

8 Things to Do Before Starting Homeschool

How many more weeks until school starts at your house? We’re planning to start back up again the first week of August — and it just recently dawned on me how soon that will be!

So I thought I’d make a list of the things I need to get done in the four weeks of summer I have left.