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Just Tell Me What to Order!

Just Tell Me What to Order

Today we’re unveiling the first title in our new “Homeschool How-To’s” series for moms who are either just starting out in homeschooling or are looking for quick, simple answers to common dilemmas. The price of each E-book is low enough that you can get help right away!

Just Tell Me What to Order (Price: $7.00 $4.99)

It can feel like there are unlimited homeschooling choices, yet you don’t have unlimited time to research, nor do you have unlimited money to make a bunch of mistakes. If you have several children to teach at the same time, plus you need to keep up with the house and laundry… oh, and have energy for the baby and your husband, too — well, you can easily get overwhelmed.

“I know that I should customize my children’s education to fit their unique personalities – but at this moment, I just want someone to hold my hand through all the decisions.”

You’re right! I can’t possibly recommend the perfect homeschooling curriculum for your family, because your family is different from mine. But… (sigh)… I do know what it’s like to be overwhelmed!

So okay… you’ve twisted my arm… But be warned! This 35-page E-book lists my favorite curriculum choices from kindergarten through 8th grade, with ideas for high school and plenty of teacher-training resources listed, too. Yes, these choices are all easy on you and on your budget. And yes, I’ve used all these things in my own home (and I happen to be a bit biased). But no, don’t expect miracles. If you make the exact choices recommended here, you’ll have to tweak them a little here and there to make them fit your family.

So if you agree to that, then all right. Here’s what I would order for my family.

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