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Common Core State Standards

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been personally contacted several times about our stance on the Common Core State Standards (or CCS).

Foundations Press, our publishing company, has therefore prepared an official statement:

We believe that God’s Word, the Scriptures (all 66 books), are the only “Common Core” that matters.

Tips for Attending an Online Homeschooling Conference

It’s that time of year again — the time for homeschooling conferences. It’s so fun to attend a live conference, to network with other homeschooling families, to hear inspiring speakers, and oh, those vendors and exhibits!

However, with the rising costs of gas, hotels and even babysitters, online conferences have been increasing in popularity the last few summers.…

Do-It-Yourself Curriculum Planning

I want to encourage you to plan out some of your own curriculum for the coming year. There are several reasons why you make the best “curriculum planner” for your own children:

  1. God has given parents the responsibility to train and teach their own children.

Are You Shopping for Curriculum?

The first of February marks a new season of curriculum “shopping” among homeschoolers. For me personally, I start shopping in February because we get our tax refund soon, so I want to know how much money I should set aside for the coming school year.…

The Curriculum Carousel (Round and Round We Go…)

Ask any veteran homeschooler about burn-out, and she’ll quickly get to the topic of curriculum. What mother hasn’t sincerely purchased piles of curriculum only to discover later that her choices were a terrible fit for her family? (Waving my hand here!)…

Why Use Curriculum?

Last time I wrote a post on some practical, yet Biblical, homeschooling methods suggested from the book of Deuteronomy. I’ve been personally mulling over these methods a lot in the last few weeks. I’ve been homeschooling for many years now, and I’ve gotten more and more opinionated about how I teach in my home.…

Curriculum and Planning with No Money

Anne, do you know of any tips or curriculum ideas for those in these tough times? My husband has been out of work since February, and I’m wondering what curriculum to buy (especially for my 10th grader who needs to do Biology and Spanish) and still give my children a good education.

Hints for Homeschooling a Kindergartener

(Originally written in 2001, when my oldest son was in kindergarten, to give some advice to a friend …)

Hi, friend…

My dishes are done and my laundry is folded, so now I can play for a few minutes. I’m going to try to write down my favorites for homeschooling in every area I can think of, to help you get started. …

Interesting article by HSLDA

I read an article by Michael Smith, president of HSLDA, suggesting that a large number of formerly homeschooled families are turning to government charter schools. Why? It’s so attractive to have curriculum materials (and oftentimes computers) provided. Charter schools often provide support teachers who can advise Mom when the going gets tough.…