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The Law of the Learner

Today we’re going to continue our look at the two books, The Seven Laws of Teaching by John Milton Gregory, and The Seven Laws of the Teacher by Howard Hendricks.

The second “law” we’re going to consider is “The Law of the Learner.”

The Seven Laws of the Teacher

When I was in high school, I had the privilege of taking a “how to teach” class from one of our school’s elementary teachers. I took the class because I was considering majoring in elementary education in college, so I wanted to see if I would like it or not.…

How can a homeschooled child do homework???

My oldest son is 10, and he’s in fourth grade. He’s always been homeschooled, so you’d think his mother would have it all down pat by now. If only! The last few years have seen us trying this curriculum or that, making our own, reading more books than you can imagine, and spending too much money, all in the hopes of finding the perfect method that truly justifies our homeschooling venture.…