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Home Business and Home School

Have we lost our minds? We started homeschooling our children because it was something we were passionate about. However, the reality of slim income has sent countless homeschooling moms online, searching for a way to start a home business. “No problem,” they say.…

Teaching Your Kids About Money

Maybe it was because we were married young, or maybe it was because we hadn’t learned to trust God very well with our money… but for whatever reason, we had a rough start money-wise to our marriage. We made lots of mistakes, and some of those mistakes are still haunting us today.…

How a Home Business Can Benefit a Homeschooling Family

by Laurie Neumann

Running a home business is becoming more and more popular these days, especially in light of the economic times.  I feel that a homeschooling family can really benefit from having a home business for many reasons.

Being a former homeschooler myself, I know firsthand that it can be hard financially to operate on one income.…

Curriculum and Planning with No Money

Anne, do you know of any tips or curriculum ideas for those in these tough times? My husband has been out of work since February, and I’m wondering what curriculum to buy (especially for my 10th grader who needs to do Biology and Spanish) and still give my children a good education.