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We have agonized over handwriting in our house. We have two seemingly conflicting viewpoints: First, we don’t consider handwriting “busy work.”  Rather, we think handwriting should be incorporated into the other subject areas your children are learning, such as Bible, history, science and literature. …

Hints for Homeschooling a Kindergartener

(Originally written in 2001, when my oldest son was in kindergarten, to give some advice to a friend …)

Hi, friend…

My dishes are done and my laundry is folded, so now I can play for a few minutes. I’m going to try to write down my favorites for homeschooling in every area I can think of, to help you get started. …

Teaching Handwriting

I wrote the following e-mail to a friend this morning, and I thought it might be helpful to someone else, too….Her question:

My question is about handwriting. This seems to be my weak area of teaching. My almost 9yo has deplorable writing and my 7 year old is no better.