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Homeschooling Math Resources We Recommend

I thought you might appreciate a list of all the homeschooling math resources and curriculum we use and recommend, all in one handy-dandy place.

Note: All links open in a new window — because I’m really hoping you’ll stick around THIS site awhile, too!

The Curriculum Carousel (Round and Round We Go…)

Ask any veteran homeschooler about burn-out, and she’ll quickly get to the topic of curriculum. What mother hasn’t sincerely purchased piles of curriculum only to discover later that her choices were a terrible fit for her family? (Waving my hand here!)…

One Way to Teach Math?

Recently on my Facebook fan page, Hillary asked:

Does the Bible influence which math curriculum? That’s one I cannot figure out — which one to use or how the Bible can direct my choosing.

It’s a fair question! Last summer, I spoke at the HOTM Online Homeschooling Conference, making the bold statement that we should use the Bible as our primary textbook for all subjects.…

Review of Abeka Arithmetic

Our family has been using Abeka Arithmetic since my oldest son was in 1st grade. I started with Singapore math, on the recommendation of Sonlight curriculum, but on the advice of several teachers, we decided to switch to Abeka. This is truly one decision I have never regretted!…