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Bible Memory Freebie…

Gentle Shepherd curriculum

My friend Diane, from Gentle Shepherd Curriculum, is offering a very nice freebie right now on her website. It’s a 57-page ebook of Bible memory passages. Each passage of Scripture is written in a large, italic font. She has intended for children to copy the verses in their best penmanship into their notebooks each day, but I’m also thinking that I, the mother, could print these and place them in my notebook to review orally with my children each day.

>> Click here for Bible Memory Freebie.

I really like the selection of verses she has chosen. These are all from the King James Version, which has a good rhythm for memorization, in my opinion. However, she is hoping to receive permission from the publishers of the NIV and NKJV, so that she can release versions of these in the future.

After you’ve downloaded this freebie, take some time to browse around Diane’s website. She just opened it in January, but I appreciate her experience as a homeschooling mother of 25 years. She has 9 children, so she certainly knows what she’s doing! I absolutely loved her articles on what to do with preschool children, as well as her “rocking chair” method of spending time with each child each day. (This idea could easily be used in combination with one of my favorite books, Creative Family Times.)

She also has an incredibly practical article on teaching math to young children, and a cool download to review typing skills. Diane’s gift is being practical — and I know that I really need things like that! (Don’t just tell me what to do… please give me ideas on how.)

So go visit, surf around, and enjoy. (Diane says you can even take 30% off, until March 31, if you use the coupon code SPRING.)


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