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Listening to Learn

Amy Blevin has written a practical e-book called Listening to Learn. Because of some breathing difficulties she has, she began using audio books to help her teach her children. Her dilemma resulted in fabulous results for her kids — and for those of us who get to benefit from her knowledge!

Product Review: Diana Waring's Ancient Civilizations and the Bible

We’ve been studying ancient history this year this year in our homeschool, and we chose to use Diana Waring’s Ancient Civilizations and the Bible as our “spine.”

Things I Like: I am impressed with Diana Waring’s grasp of creationism and her strong stand that the Bible must explain history, not that history explains away the Bible.

Sonbeams – for preschoolers

I wanted to write a quick recommendation for my friend Candice and her preschool curriculum called Sonbeams. As a firm believer in chores for little ones, I especially love her dry-erase chore charts, one for boys and one for girls.

A few little gems

Here are a few little gems I found while “surfing” my blog subscriptions this morning:

  • Some thoughts on 1 Corinthians 13 by Jess at Making Home. Thanks, Jess! A friend and I were discussing how to show respect to our husbands (practically, I mean).

REVIEW: 102 Camp Songs from Twin Sisters

My kids love these CDs. It provides hours of silliness that’s clean and fun. Even better, if we register on their website, we can download a PDF with lyrics to all of these camp songs at no cost.

We like to play these CDs at breakfast.

New Scripture Memory Resource

While I was surfing the Internet this morning, I saw an ad for Scripture memory.  God’s Words to Live By is a company run by a homeschooling family.  They provide simple books and music CDs that you can use to memorize entire chapters of the Bible. 

Got New Books!

The big event for me yesterday was receiving a box with all our new homeschooling books (for next fall) in it. We order from many different companies (including ABeka and lots of used books on Amazon and Ebay), but our biggest order this year was from Rainbow Resource.

Spelling that has helped my daughter…

I really like the Bible-based spelling lessons I found for free on the Internet.  My oldest daughter spells very phonetically… you know… fonetikly.  🙂  But for some reason, this spelling has helped her.  It’s not fancy, but I like how it combines dictation with old-fashioned review. 

Well, so much for using ABeka…

God provided everything we need for school this year, but I don’t have everything ABeka like last year.  My son (going into 5th grade) will be using ABeka math, science and history.  I purchased the math workbook and speed drills, plus a teacher’s key because his work is getting harder so this will save me time.