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Kiersten colors some pictures

The kids are always drawing and coloring around here, so I thought I’d show you some pictures.  These two are from Kiersten.

The first is a kitty-cat picture she drew.  She says this is her imaginary cat “Dee-lah.”

The other picture is of herself wearing dress-up clothes, she says.  “The stars are part of my wall in my bedroom.”

Our plan today is to bake some bread and get our school work done.  Kraig made it to school today over our very, very muddy roads.  It snowed a little last night, and the mud was a little frozen this morning.

Kacey is moving all over the place, turning in little circles and learning to flip over, back and forth, from her tummy to her back.  So cute!  But no more taking naps up on Mommy’s bed.  She’s used to sleeping there in the daytime, and she wasn’t too happy with me for putting her in her crib.  Such trials babies go through!



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