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Teaching Your Kids About Money

Maybe it was because we were married young, or maybe it was because we hadn’t learned to trust God very well with our money… but for whatever reason, we had a rough start money-wise to our marriage. We made lots of mistakes, and some of those mistakes are still haunting us today.

My husband and I are determined to teach our children how to handle money correctly… biblically! Here are some things we’re trying to emphasize in our home:

  1. To acknowledge that God is our provider. Our jobs don’t provide for our needs; God provides for us. Our jobs are simply the stewardship given to us by God to advance the gospel in the world. We work because that’s what God created us to do. God provides for our physical needs. As we acknowledge God our provider, we work with excellence, we pray when we have needs, and we give back to God as a thank-you offering (tithe).
  2. To manage well the resources entrusted to us by God. He wants us to be wise and faithful stewards of His resources. Therefore, we operate with a budget. We make purchases wisely and carefully and prayerfully. We take care of our belongings, since they really belong to God.
  3. To be content. Since our God will faithfully supply our needs, we show our gratitude by being thankful for what He has given us, never turning material things into objects of worship. We don’t covet or envy what others have. We learn to wait patiently for God’s provision, rather than spending beyond our means.
  4. To share. We recognize that as stewards of God’s world, sometimes we are to use our possessions to bless others. We look for ways to help the poor, orphans, and widows. We give first, before buying things for ourselves.

Several different homeschooling companies have authored curriculum to help us teach wise financial principles to our children. Here are some I’ve seen:

Do you have some favorite curriculum? Leave a comment below, and tell us why you love them.

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  1. We love Dave Ramsey’s FPT also–for both adults and kids! Without applying these principles, I don’t see how we could be adopting our third child!! We are so grateful to God for showing us these principles!

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