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10 Ways to Grow as a Homeschooling Teacher

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Sometimes we mothers spend all our time figuring out which curriculum we should purchase for our children, or how to make lesson plans for the coming year, and we completely forget that we as teachers also need to grow and learn.

Here are 10 ways that you can continually grow, ever becoming a better teacher to your children:

  1. List your weaknesses, and choose one to start working on right away.
  2. Create something with your hands. Do something artistic, just because God the Creator made you in His image.
  3. Keep a book by your bed. In addition to your Bible, always be reading and expanding your mental abilities.
  4. Evaluate your daily schedule, and leave some time margin so you can invest in your own education.
  5. Network with local mothers and teachers. Regional and online conventions are great, but local support is essential.
  6. Befriend someone who thinks differently than you do. Even if you don’t agree with her on everything, interacting with her will sharpen and encourage you to learn new things.
  7. Subscribe to homeschooling blogs. Resist the urge to compare yourself to other moms, but gather new ideas and inspiration.
  8. Write your own blog. Do it because it will help you state concisely what you’re learning, rather than because you care who reads it.
  9. Take a class. Having assignments from a teacher will keep you accountable and learning.
  10. Check out books from the library on school subjects that you know you’ll need to learn more about before you can teach them well.

How do you keep your mind fresh and growing? How do you stay a “lifelong learner”?

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