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Field Trips

Honestly, my planning list said that I should write a blog post about field trips this week! But I was starting to think I’d better write about something else, when a gentleman at our church approached my husband about wanting to take our children on a field trip to a local apple orchard. Yippee! Thank you!

This morning, the kids excitedly put on their shoes, happy to be going out the door rather than sitting down to a normal day of schoolwork. I haven’t been feeling well, so Daddy and Grandpa joined the kids on their adventure.

Since I didn’t go, I couldn’t tell you too much about what they did. While they were gone, though, I went online to see if I could find some helpful planning forms.

I was pleased with the forms I found by author Cindy Downes:

Field trips are a great way for children to learn, a wonderful escape from the daily grind — and a lot of work for Mom to plan. 🙂 Mom, they’re worth it! As homeschooling families, we can go on trips to places and at times that others never could. I encourage you to take advantage of this!

As always, planning ahead is the best policy.

  1. Make a list of possible field trips.
  2. Call ahead to see what dates, hours, and requirements might be.
  3. Invite others to join you if you wish.
  4. Put the field trips on your calendar.
  5. Using the forms above, plan special activities and learning projects.
  6. Keep some extra forms on hand for spontaneous “field trips” (like our apple-orchard adventure today). Sometimes these are the best field trips!

May this be your best “field trip” year ever!

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