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Homeschooling Math Resources We Recommend

A list of the best homeschooling math resources

I thought you might appreciate a list of all the homeschooling math resources and curriculum we use and recommend, all in one handy-dandy place.

Note: All links open in a new window — because I’m really hoping you’ll stick around THIS site awhile, too! 😉

Math Posts on This Website

Here are some of the foundational articles I’ve written, so you can understand our philosophy.

Favorite Books

*These are affiliate links.

Helpful Teacher-Training Websites

Free Curriculum

My Favorite Non-Free Curriculum

Online Math Tools

…and someday? I’d like to publish a math curriculum, or at the very least, a math curriculum supplement that uses the Bible. My kids just laugh and say it will be done by the time I have grandchildren great-grandchildren.

Please feel free to leave a comment and brag on why you love the math curriculum you use!

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  1. I received an email from Jasmine Dyoco at She gave me the following links that might be helpful for moms teaching geometry. Thank you, Jasmine!

    Geometry Resource Collection for Students of All Ages

    Concepts in Geometry | Free Lesson Plans

    Geometry Lesson Plans | Teach-nology

    Geometry Calculators Collection: 232 Calculators Divided by Geometry Type and Skill Level

    Geometry from Wolfram MathWorld

  2. Sarah Dickison says

    We watch a lot of Mathantics on YouTube. We use Lifepacs for math. It’s very good.

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