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Preschool Planning

Ideas for planning time with your preschoolerIf you’re attempting to homeschool while also being a mother to a preschooler (or two or more!), you face two realities:

  1. Your little preschoolers want to spend time with you, too!
  2. Your little preschoolers want to “do school,” too!

It may seem “unloving” to actually plan my time with my little ones, but in reality, I’m a much better mother when I do. Here are my favorite resources for the preschool years (and yes, some of them are affiliate links):

Spending Time Together

“Doing School” Together

Preschool Parenting Advice

>> Please feel free to share your favorite resources with other readers below! (There are some really great ideas in the comments.)

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  1. Anne Elliott says

    Hey, HOTM online just posted on this very topic. I thought it was very helpful!


  2. Anne Elliott says

    One more thing….
    I wrote up a free report on “Homeschooling with Preschoolers,” and it has MANY more ideas: /homeschooling_with_preschoolers.pdf

  3. Anne Elliott says
  4. Hi there,
    thanks so much for sharing
    I have little ones but toddler twins. i should relook at Ezzos books for this age. Thanks I need to reign them in a bit. They are soooo active it is incredible…..
    I applaud you as I only have 6 kids but God seems to be floating your baot=)
    Thanks for the site…love it!

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